Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pink grasshoppers

This article about the discovery of a bright pink grasshopper in England was much too short. More pictures, I say!

Or maybe the article was too long, given that the unsubstantiated claim "Most people find insects annoying" should have been excised from the text, as it implies that most people find all insects as a class. The author cites no surveys. Yes, there is a vocal group of people who dislike all insects, but whether they are in the majority is questionable. Lots of people eat insects and would be dietarily deprived without them; lots of people love to watch butterflies and moths; and lots of people depend upon pollinating insects for their livelihoods. I find gnats and mosquitos annoying, but it would be misleading to say that I find insects annoying. And I love collecting dead insects and putting them in shadow boxes so I can admire them whenever I like. But I don't kill them for such purpose. They're too important.

A more even-handed article can be found here on the BBC.

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