Friday, September 11, 2009

Sometimes it takes a while ...

So, after more than two years working at this place, I notice that everyone seems to bring treats in on their birthday. You know -- cake, brownies, muffins and other things that we probably don't need to eat. If people aren't in on their birthday, they bring it in their last day of work before the birthday or the first day after.

Well, everyone brings them in but me.

The last time I was in an environment like this was in elementary school. I suppose it shouldn't surprise me -- the place is like elementary school in other ways, too. But maybe it's a Wisconsin thing, and I was heretofore sheltered from it because I'd never worked in an office in Madison, unless you count my internship at that lefty rag, and I wasn't there for a full year, so how would I have noticed?

Now I'm wondering if this means that I should consider bringing in junk food on my looming birthday. I'd really rather not, because it smacks of drawing attention to oneself, and I really don't like to draw attention to myself at the office. My boss is already prying enough; she's always wanting to get to know me "on a personal level" and my natural response to that is suspicion and secretiveness.

And, on the mean side, I figure there are plenty of people in my office who really don't need the temptation.

Of course, if I don't bring anything in, there are some Nosy Nancys here who would be sure to note that and keep it in their files of reasons I am a horrible person. But I don't really care if they think I'm horrible; they've already told lies about me to my boss in an attempt to get me in trouble, if not fired, and so I know they can be quite horrid themselves, and thus I deem them not very good judges of such things.

If, however, they were more specific and accused me of being miserly, I would have to acknowledge they were right on that account, and perhaps gain new respect for them.

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Anonymous said...

Bring in something really nasty in a decorative party dish and smile sincerely while you personally deliver a serving to each person's desk. Stay smile until they take at least two bites.
I despise the tyranny of the workplace birthday. Making you bring your own stuff in is just some weird-ass passive aggressive twist to the whole thing!!