Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tell it like it is, Jimmy

Just can't express my gratitude enough for what Jimmy Carter said about the racism that underlies the extreme disrespect being shown toward President Obama. Joe Wilson et al can argue that they, as individuals, aren't racist. Maybe so.

But if it's not societal racism, it's hard figure out where the most extreme of this crap is coming from: the unusual number of threats against President Obama, the questions about his citizenship (who was challenging Bill Clinton's citizenship - you sure he ain't Ukrainian?), the unprecedented interruption of his address to Congress, and the vociferousness of the rhetoric compared to what was said about our previous Democratic president (who was white and also tried to get universal health coverage). Maybe Wilson isn't personally racist, but if there weren't an existing racist milieu that foments distrust of black politicians and results in black people in public positions being put under unusual scrutiny, would he be as angry as he is about the proposed healthcare policy?

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